“Ten Thumbs (aka Flemming Jensby) (feat. Abbie) – Up Up And Away

This 10 track single “Up, Up And Away” will be released June 5th. It’s a cover version from 1990 original performed by the UK band The Beloved and written by Jon Marsh. This single is my tribute to the album ‘Happiness’ which had release 30 years ago.

We’re delighted to have included remixes by Mark Dynamix/Jonny Sonic, Australia + Nathan Jay, United Kingdom + Laust Foged, David Witkowski, Mikael Lysgård, Denmark.

Artwork for this release, download and the CD is by the talented danish artist Dilemma. The CD comes in a DVD-case and includes 5 unique designed postcards by Dilemma. First 100 CD’s will be numbered.

“Up, Up And Away” (10 track single)
Produced by: Flemming Jensby
Vocals by: Maiken Toelberg Bjerre
Master by: Mark Dynamix
Coverart: Dilemma
Written by: Jon Marsh
Recordnumber: IOMUSIC-TT001

1. Radio Mix (Flemming Jensby, Denmark)
2. Full Length Version (Flemming Jensby, Denmark)
3. AnXiety Kids Extended Remix (Mark Dynamix/Jonny Sonic, Australia)
4. AnXiety Kids Radio Mix (Mark Dynamix/Jonny Sonic, Australia)
5. Antilles Remix (David Witkowski, Denmark)
6: Laust Foged Remix (Laust Foged, Denmark)
7. Nathan Jay Remix (Nathan Jay, United Kingdom)
8: Lysgård Remix (Mikael Lysgård, Denmark)
9. The Real Dreamers Remix (Flemming Jensby, Denmark)
10: Ambient Version (Flemming Jensby, Denmark)

Price: €12 including world wide shipping
Release: 2020-06-05

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