I/O Music is an independent record label from Sweden founded 2010 and we strive to give great electronic music a platform to be heard and to give people the opportunity to hear it. Our focus is on releasing electronic music spanning from ambient to techno, from experimental to downbeat among many other electronic genres. Why? Because we love electronic music!

The music industry is changing. The traditional outlets of music discovery, distribution and promotion have been thrown out the window in the wake of constant technological innovation. Traditional record labels and music retailers have found that their business models are no longer valid in today’s world of digital download and streaming.

I/O Music takes a progressive approach towards the digital industry by using new media networks and methods as a tool to promote their releases and artists. Our business model is based on fairness: we equally share any profits we make on a release with its creator(s), the artists.

Wanna join us? Send a demo, info on the contact page.

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